Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my day

I again, don't know what to write today... I think I'll just give you a run down of how my day is.

I had a good day today, especially that I started it with a chat with DEhkNeeS, hehe! He was on-call for duty today, unfortunately, he had to go for his work, so I'm left basically with nothing else to do but miss him, hehe! Anyway, I prepared all my personal documents for my job application to GCGMH. Finally, I have decided to go on with the training GCGMH is offering. I'm really getting tired of just being at home. Though I'm reading books or studying for NCLEX, I still feel the need for me to move more and also I think that this training is good for me, not only will I gain experience but also improve my skills in this line of career. I really hope I can be one of the trainees, especially that they are only getting the top ten of all the applicants. Help me cross fingers for it. I was also delighted to know that my friend DIyhAN was also applying for it. I really hope we can make it. After submitting all my requirements, I went home and spent the rest of the day studying. Nothing much really happened to me today... And as I am writing this now, I'm looking forward for Marimar, hehehe! and I'm also downloading the movie 300... The movie was really a hit, as for me, you'll read my review as soon as I watched it.

This all I can say for now... Thanks for stopping by pips. God bless everyone!

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