Thursday, November 15, 2007

anniversaries--a need...

I spent the whole afternoon today watching Ghost Whisperer season 2. I have been a big fan of it since ever and I like their stories--touching and some really spooky, hehe! Moreover, I love the love story behind it, and for all the romantics out there, episode 8 of season 2 is a must see. There was a part there that I cried a river, hehe! I felt fullness in my heart that there was nothing left for me to do but cry. It was about the love story of Melinda and Jim. Melinda was very busy preparing for their anniversary, she bought the most beautiful gift she can imagine and it symbolized the first date they had. On the other hand, Jim was very busy with work and all, and Melinda couldn't help but feel like Jim was forgetting their big day. When the big day came, Melinda just give the gift to Jim. Jim who seemed clueless just opened it and asked what the occasion is. Melinda was a little pissed especially that Jim just let her get his coat because he is going somewhere. And when Melinda went to the closet, a gift fell down on her. Melinda then couldn't stop crying... and Jim was there preparing their dinner. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy! I know it is a very usual plot in a love story, but it did really get into me. Most of the women out there make a big deal out of anniversaries, even monthsaries or any day that would make them cherish special moments that may come into the lives of a couple. I am even one of them. And it is sad to say, that some men seemed to not really give importance to this, not like the women do (this is just based on experiences from friends).

What is in anniversaries anyway? Anniversary is a day that commemorates or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event. In the lives of a couple, it may be the date of start of their life together, or any other memories that are meant to be remembered; that if not for that day, everything would have been the other way around. It wouldn't hurt for anyone just to remember special occasions once in a while. How you get to remember it somehow measures how you treasure that someone in your life, and that even as days or years gone by, there is still that spark, that glint, that eagerness for one to hold on to what made a relationship special. I believe that anniversaries or monthsaries are somethings that are not to be taken for granted in any relationship. It is just one day--a day that may change a lifetime, a day that would make you realize the good you had in your life, a day of chance to tell someone how much she/he mean to you, a day to say sorry, a day to be thankful for the blessings, a day to rekindle a loving relationship... Anniversary is not just any other wants in our life... sometimes it is a need for a relationship to be strong, for a relationship to last a lifetime; and who wouldn't like that...

For all of us lovers out here and there... it is not just anniversaries that are not to be taken for granted. What is a day compared to the years of being together? It is not only during anniversaries that there is a reason to celebrate togetherness, or oneness. Everyday of being together is special, already a reason to celebrate and be thankful of it. Let's make everyday an anniversary... everyday of staying in love, everyday of living for the one you love.

I love you DEhkNeeS... I wouldn't miss this chance to tell that I do... Thank you for not missing anniversaries and monthsaries! hehehe! Mwahhhhhhh! i love you more.

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