Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's in my MUB (makeup bag) for Work?

Basically, I have two make-up bags, one for work, and one for my daily purse or bag. Due to some restrictions at work, we are only allowed to bring clear bags. So, I also got myself a clear makeup bag!

This clear makeup bag is a gift from my hubby. This bag came with travel brushes from MAC's winter collection. So lovely! This has been a staple to my work bag and it houses my fave makeup for work. From my pervious blog, you would see my most used makeups for work, and I bring those with me to work just in case I need it. But for most of the time, I only get to use the powder to mattify my face back and lip gloss during work. I am most of the time busy, no time for touch ups unfortumately. Still, I bring this with me everyday at work.

So, what is in your MUB for work? I would really love to hear from you... Thank you for passing by my blog.

Have a great day! Stay beautiful!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Work-Approved Makeup

Finally, I made my own beauty video! This is my go-to makeup when going to work - fast, easy and looks natural. I hope you will enjoy my video... this is my first... so bear with all the mishaps, nyahaha! I would say, it is pretty decent for my first though! 

So, heres is my makeup routine for work.... =)

Sorry if my resolution is small, I just used webcam for this video. So for those who are curious about what makeup I was using for this video, here is the list and what I can say about it...

Foundation - I used Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! by Benefit Cosmetics in color Beige. I love this foundation; it is one of my favorite. It is light, blendable and suits my color most of all. For work, I only use light coverage but this is also buildable if you want medium to full coverage.

Concealer - I used Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer in Nude. It is a highlighter and a concealer too. I would not say that this is my favorite. But, as for now this is my only concealer, hehe! This tends to make my eye lines more wrinkly; they tend to seat on the wrinkles in time... =( I am still looking for better concealers. Any suggestion?

Powder - I just got this recently and this has been highly recommended in youtube... I love, love, love this powder! This is the Primed and Poreless of Too Faced. It is translucent and finishes as matt. You should try it!

Eyeliner - I used my favorite NARS Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto (black). This just glides on your lids, very creamy and blendable as well. Moreover, it last long and is waterproof. I have very oily lids and this does not smudge at all even if worn in a 12 hour shift. Just perfect!

Mascara - This is my favorite mascara for work... Maybelline VolumExpress Mega Plush Waterproof Mascara in Brown Black. It is volumizing, long lasting and does not smudge on me, that is all that matters.

Blush - For my blush, I used Milani's Baked Blush in Rose d'Oro. This is one of my favorite. It is highly pigmented, blendable and the color is just lovely. I have this in four colors, hehe! Love them!

Lipstick - I used Neutrogena's Moisture Smooth Color Stick in fresh papaya. This is my staple lipstick in my purse. I love the color,and I love how moisturizing it is.

Lip Gloss - So, to complete the look, I used my Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink. I got this from Ipsy or my Glam Bag last May. It is one of my favorite glosses now. It smells good, not sticky at all and is organic! Love!

I hope you guys enjoy my first video. There is still a lot of things I need to know regarding video making itself to editing. I would really appreciate for comments or suggestions for me to improve and make more videos.

Thank you so much for watching!

Stay Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IPSY On The Wild Side

Hi everyone! I opened  my Glam bag today! Weeeeeee! So happy! I love it very much, and why? It is an all-make-up-glam-bag! The mail came in while I was working and I wanted so much to open it, but I just want to open it on my days off so I could enjoy what's in it more. I have always dreamed of an all-makeup beauty box, and Ipsy got this for me... Thank you Ipsy!

So, without further ado, here are what I got from my June, On-the-Wild-Side Glam bag...

Isn't that bag the cutest?! Here I am, straight out from bed, hehehe!

Raawwwrrr! So cute! Wait till you see what is inside!

The bag itself was a hit for me, love the bag, right on to the theme. 

I got Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel  Eyeliner with Brush Built-In. I have always wanted to buy gel or liquid liners just so I could practice doing cat-eye on myself. And this came in! I tried this and it just glides on to your lids. Love the consistency, although the brush is a little bigger for my eyes, I still love it! Once the gel is dry, it is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours as said. I have very oily eyelids, and this is all I need! Love! Love! Love!

Here is more for the eyes! I got Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. This is great for applying on your water line. Instantly, it will brighten eyes and make it more awake. Not only that, it can be applied on the brow bone to give that lift that our eyes need. It is creamy and very blendable! Thumbs up!

Everybody loves a little sparkle! And I am loving this J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette. I was so excited to use this for my eyes, but then, as I read about the product, this can only be used on the body and not on the eye area, bummer! hehe! Oh well! I still love it. For sure, I will have a use of this in the future. 

I got a new blush! And I love blushes... I have few of these in my collection, but non came from NYX yet. I got NYX Powder Blush in Dusty Rose. It says that this will deliver a sheer, silky color that glides and blends beautifully creating  a natural glow. I thought the color was too dark for me when I  swatched it on my hand, but then, the color was beautiful when applied on cheeks with a brush. It is highly pigmented, so you would only need a little bit. For me, I used just two dabs and applied it on my cheeks and it was beautiful. I directly depotted mine and place it on my favorite blushes palette!

Lastly, but not the least, I got Starlooks Lip Pencil in Bare. I was not that happy with the color. It did made me look dead if applied all over the lips, hehe! But this product is so creamy. I just applied red lipstick over it to give me that pop of color that I like and it did ensure that my lipstick stays in place. It extends the wear of my lipstick as well. I just wish I got it in different color. Still loving it though! 

This by far is my favorite Glam Bag yet (I only got 2, hehe!)!!! Love it so much! I hope they'll do this more often... crossing my fingers for it!

Have a nice day! Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BIRCHBOX Wanderlust

I received my June Birchbox yesterday. I would say that there are stuff that I am excited to try and have and some that I really don't care about, hehe! Anyway, for this month they have the wanderlust theme. This month's box is filled with samples from near and far that will serve well on any summer adventure.

So, here are the things that I got!

Me with the new box of Birchbox

What are the hits from this box?

I love the mini-lipstick that came in this box. It is by LAQA & Co. This is the first time I have this brand, and I would say I love this lipstick/ lip pencil. It glides on my lips, although I won't typically buy the color they have me tried. But, it is good to try it. This lipstick/ lip pencil have a creamy texture, satiny finish with a minty kick. And, I am glad I try it in this color, because now I know that this look good on me, hehe! I have the color pinkman, a vivid fuchsia.

Another item that I love in this box is the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. Though, I have not tried this, I am excited to try it. I exfoliate my face twice per week using facial scrubs and I am sure I would like this one. It says here that this two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator magically lathers. Moreover, this smells deliciously lemony. Uhmmm!

The rest of the items of this box was a miss for me. Not that I hate it, but I did not like the Coola SPF30 Cucumber Moisturizer for face. This is the first thing that I tried from the box. My face turned red immediately after application. Afraid that rashes will develop, I just wash it off my face. Sad to think that this has cucumber in it which is supposed to be calming or soothing, but not to my skin. I really just have a sensitive skin. Another miss is the Wanderlust Collection - Color Club nail polish. I tried it on my nails, it was streaky. It could be because of the applicator it came with this mini nail polish. I also got the Sunny Green color, which is neon green, and it just don't look good with my complexion right now. Inside the box that was a miss for me too is the 100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream.The sample (in sachet form) was just too small. I think I'll bring it with me to work and use it as a hand cream. I am not excited to use it though. =(

Oh well, I just hope I will have a good box next month. More make-up goodies please!!!! :)

Stay Beautiful!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Overused Routine at Work

Hello beautiful! Today, I am gonna share this overused routine and most often overlooked that is much needed at work, at home and everywhere else---hand washing. Hand washing for hand hygiene is the act of cleaning ones hand with or without the use of water or another liquid, or with the use of soap, for purpose of removing soil, dirt, and/or microorganisms ( As we touch people, surfaces and objects throughout the day, we accumulate germs in our hands. In turn, we can infect ourselves with these germs just by touching our eyes, nose or mouth. Although it is impossible to keep our hands germ-free, frequent hand-washing is one of the best and the easiest way to avoid getting sick and spreading illness.

So, here are some useful tips we should know on how to wash our hands...

Here are my favorite things use for hand-washing:

1. Body & Bath Works Antibacterial Foaming Soap

I love this soap. Not only is this antibacterial, but also moisturizing. It leaves your hand feeling good and smells good too.

2. Gold Bond Intensive Healing Hand Cream

Frequent hand-washing does make your hands dry, making it more susceptible to cracks or wounds. A good lotion or cream is a must to keep it moisturize and protect hands also. Gold Bond makes great lotions and cream. This is a staple lotion in my purse.

3. Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel

It is not always that you will be in a spot where you can wash your hands if you want too. This sanitizing gel is a savior. It is a must for all purse. This cleanse your hands without using water and soap. Not only does it clean, it also moisturize and leaves your hand smelling good. Love!

Well, I hope you guys are learning from this post. What is your hand-washing routine? Let me know!

Stay clean and beautiful as always!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Work Essentials

Hi everyone! In this sunny month of June, I wanted to share to you the serious part of me--my work life! How diligent I was at school (was I? hehe!), is how  serious I am at work, uhmmm, i think, hehehe! For those who do not know, I work as a Registered Nurse, and so proud to be one. RNs provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

Now, I am gonna share to you my work essentials--what I cannot live without to work effectively.

(Left Picture) Me, in my scrubs; (Right Picture) Stethoscope, flashlight, hi-lighter

It is a must at work to wear uniform. At work, we are allowed to wear any medical scrubs of any color and design. Getting scrubs here in US of my size is difficult (I'm stubby, nyahaha!), so I got mine made and tailored at Bracky's Tailorings of Tagbilaran City, Bohol. 

Stethoscope is a nurse's bestfriend. It is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body. It is used to listen to lungs and heart sounds. My stethoscope was given to me by my hubby and has been with me for 3 years now and still working excellent.

Another thing I cannot live without is my medical flashlight and scissors. The flashlight gives me the exact amount of light I need to inspect eyes and other nooks and crannies of the body. The scissors on the other hand is very useful in cutting things that impedes air flow or something like that.

At work, we use computers for charting. In the hospital that I used to work, we  utilize 3 colors of pen (black, red and green) representing the different shifts - AM, PM and NOC. In my present work, we use 2 colors only, black and red, coincidentally, we only have 2 shifts - AM and NOC. But, my black pen is used for charting (if I have to write it) and the red pen is used for noting orders, highlighting allergies and other important infos. Hi-lighter works the same way as my red pen.

I cannot leave the house without my eye glasses or contacts on. I am blind without it.

My badge is another must-have. It identifies me as an employee and is very important for security purposes.

A girl have to have lip balm with her all the time, and I have mine perfect for a 12-hour shift--my Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm. This lip balm is organic. It is filled with toning sweet orange and cooling peppermint to soothe dry, chapped lips. Sweet!

I cannot go to work without my strength and confidence--my rosary and Sto. Nino. My rosary was given by the Salesians Sisters of St. John Bosco, where I live during my UP days. It helped me throughout my difficult university life and it gives me the confidence that I can make it through work too. My Sto. Nino was given by my hubby.  This is not only a devotion we both shared, but also shared with my parents. It just feels home having it with me the whole time.

A watch is a must too! Proper documentation needs right date and time of implementation of nursing care. Moreover, it makes me excited to see that it is time to go home! Whooppiieee!!! 

My personalized Nike Shocks! Love, love, love!

For a very hectic job, always on the go, always standing, you will need a dependable shoes.  Nike Shocks has always been a favorite of mine, also the Nike Air Maxx. But lately, I have been crazy with my Rebook Zigtech. It is very dependable, light, gives you a smoother stride, and the zigzag sole provides responsive cushioning for performance running and training. Just amazing!

My girl Pri! :)

If I need shoes for walking and running at work, I need a very dependable car to get me to work. And, I super love my Pri! Now that I have to travel 45 mins to an hour getting to work, a hybrid car is just practical. Not only does Pri (Toyota Prius Hybrid) get me to work safely, it lets me save in terms of gas.

No place like home!

Then lastly, but not the least, work will never be possible without a place to go home to--a place to sleep, eat, play and enjoy life other than work.

So, that is it! Let me know if I missed something out, or you think I missed something. Tell me you work essentials too... :)

Enjoy the day! Stay beautiful!