Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buttery Lips

ColorBurst Lip Butter is one of the famous lines of Revlon. A lot of the beauty gurus in You Tube tried, tested and love these. And because of its amazing reviews , I tried to use one and whoalla!! I fell in love with these in an instant. These lipsticks are very hydrating with their pampering butter formula. It boosts lip moisture and with their gel formula, it just glides on lips smoothly. ColorBurst Lip Butter gives sheer coverage on one coating, but is build-able to give a medium to almost opaque coverage. I so love them!!!

Here are some of the shades I have in my collection and I am glad to say that my Revlon ColorBurts Lip Butters are more diverse than my MAC lipsticks. That is because I tend to chose what colors I love especially when spending much, but with these lip butters, I was able to explore more and I or we can totally do that because they are very affordable. The only downside about this lipstick is their packaging. I love that it is colorful, however, the cap is too long making only a small space for you to hold the base when opening it. Sometimes it is difficult to open and can be annoying. But then, the total quality of these lippies outweighs the mishap.

Anyway, here are my lovely lip butters!

First on my list is in Shade#053 Sorbet. This is a cool-toned fuchsia pink with a luminous finish. This color is great for summer!

Next, is my all time favorite daily lipstick. This one is in Shade#025 Peach Parfait. The color is perfect for my skin tone. This may appear peachy or orange to a lighter skin tone. It appears nude on me with some gold shimmer. And who would not love a perfect nude lippy?! This is one of them. 

This is a new purchase for me. When I saw this color all I could think is Autumn. It is a perfect pop-of-color shade for Fall season. This is highly pigmented in medium dark berry shade. This could be my new favorite for the upcoming season.

Up next is my new love. This is Shade#085 Sugar Plum. If not for my Lippy September, I will not be able to try this on. This was a free lip butter that came with my purchase. And, I am so lucky to have this shade. I would have not buy this shade off the rack because I was not a fan of its color, but then when I tired it on, It was love in first application, hehe! I love how it looked on me (vain me! nyahaha!) and is very lovely on my skin tone. Love, love, love!

Shade#095 Creme Brulee is a beautiful nude with a warm undertone. Although I looked wash in this color, I feel that this will be beautiful lip color to go with a dramatic eye makeup. 

Shade#080 Strawberry Shortcake is a light pink color with purple undertones. This appears like the MAC's Angel lipstick but with more shine on me. I feel like this could be a dupe of the said lipstick if opaquely applied on me. I love it! This was my lipstick for the Summer. 

To complete my collection is my red lip butter in Shade#035 Candy Apple. This is a warm coral-red that finishes off with a hint of shine. This color may appear bright to light or fair skin toned. Its warm undertone accentuates warm colored skin and I love that it did not came off as bright red on me, as reviewed by others. Not really my favorite lip butter, but I am pretty sure I can flaunt this color for night outs!

So that's it lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this segment of my Lippy September!

Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello gorgeous! I am back! 

I am making my whole month of September a lippy one. Everything will be all about our lips and keeping it healthy and beautiful. Also, I will be sharing to you my lipstick collection and my favorites.

So to kick off September, I am sharing some of my favorite MAC lipstick and their swatches so just you would have an idea on how the color would look. 

MAC Cosmetics or was called Makeup Artist Cosmetics, was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan Angelo in 1984. The company's product were initially specifically designed fro professional makeup artist but are now sold to consumers worldwide. It is now one of the most coveted and most collected makeup of all times.

Here are my lovely lippies...

Obviously, I love lipsticks! hehe! And MAC is one of the makers of some of my favorite ones.

Chatterbox is an Amplified Creme lipstick. This formula gives off a vivid burst of color, flawless finish and very moisturizing. Chatterbox is described as a bright red-pink in color. Being it in an amplified creme formula, the lipstick provided an intense color and opaque coverage upon first application. It easily glides on the lips and gives a smooth, glossy finish. This is one of my favorite finishes of MAC lipstick.

Candy YumYum is a fun, lovely neon pink matte lipstick. MAC is known for their matte lipstick, not only for their lovely colors, but also for their staying power. But, like all matte lipstick, this finish tends to dry lips. So, the trick for this type of lipstick to work, one must apply lip balm before the lipstick is applied. FYI: This is one of Kelly Osbourne's favorite lipstick.

Lovelorn is an emotive pink with blue undertones. It has a lustre finish. This finish is more sheer and very smooth to lips and very moisturizing. It gives some glossy texture as well, but might need retouching for some time. Their staying power is not that great. However, I so adore this color, it is the same color of my lips but of way better texture. This is very nice everyday lipstick. I soooo love it!

Another lipstick with lustre finish is Lustering. It is an outspoken pink, darker than lovelorn. This is also one of my favorites. I love the finish, love the color too!

Please me is a muted-rosy-tinted pink lipstick with a matte finish. You'll get the exact color pay-off you see in the tube. Very lovely lipstick. Even though it is in matte finish, it is not drying at all. This is highly pigmented and longer-lasting, making it a lippy staple in my bag.

This lipstick is my latest purchase at MAC. It is a matte cool red lipstick from their Riri Collection. I have been wanting to get one of this since the day they got released, however, it was immediately sold out. Good thing that they released another set of it and it was worth the wait. This lipstick even has Rihanna's signature (see above pic). I so love this lipstick--makes me feel bold and confident! However, I suggest use of lipliner for a cleaner and smoother edge. This is my go-to party lipstick.

Angel, oh my! This is a soft pink color in frost finish. A lot adores this lipstick and I totally understand why. It has some iridescent to it making it appear glossy and/or shiny, very moisturizing, glides perfectly on lips and the color is to die for. No wonder it is one of Kim Kardashian's favorite lipstick. I love to wear this lipstick when wearing smokey eyes. Love! Love! Love!

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is Viva Glam Nicki in satin finish. It is a bright pink with yellow undertones. This is a limited edition, with Nicki Minaj, a hip-hop diva, joining forces with MAC in helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and Aids. Every cent paid for lipstick with red-color border in the case goes to the said cause. Amazing isn't it?! Us helping while staying beautiful. I do believe in this cause, and for sure this will not be my last Viva Glam lipstick.

Obviously, I love pink lipstick. From my choice of lipstick from above, most came in pink color. And, I did not notice that until I was editing these pics for posting, lol! Oh well, that is good to know, so I would know which color to explore more in the future.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog... as always, this is sealed with a kiss! mwahhh! 
Stay beautiful!