Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buttery Lips

ColorBurst Lip Butter is one of the famous lines of Revlon. A lot of the beauty gurus in You Tube tried, tested and love these. And because of its amazing reviews , I tried to use one and whoalla!! I fell in love with these in an instant. These lipsticks are very hydrating with their pampering butter formula. It boosts lip moisture and with their gel formula, it just glides on lips smoothly. ColorBurst Lip Butter gives sheer coverage on one coating, but is build-able to give a medium to almost opaque coverage. I so love them!!!

Here are some of the shades I have in my collection and I am glad to say that my Revlon ColorBurts Lip Butters are more diverse than my MAC lipsticks. That is because I tend to chose what colors I love especially when spending much, but with these lip butters, I was able to explore more and I or we can totally do that because they are very affordable. The only downside about this lipstick is their packaging. I love that it is colorful, however, the cap is too long making only a small space for you to hold the base when opening it. Sometimes it is difficult to open and can be annoying. But then, the total quality of these lippies outweighs the mishap.

Anyway, here are my lovely lip butters!

First on my list is in Shade#053 Sorbet. This is a cool-toned fuchsia pink with a luminous finish. This color is great for summer!

Next, is my all time favorite daily lipstick. This one is in Shade#025 Peach Parfait. The color is perfect for my skin tone. This may appear peachy or orange to a lighter skin tone. It appears nude on me with some gold shimmer. And who would not love a perfect nude lippy?! This is one of them. 

This is a new purchase for me. When I saw this color all I could think is Autumn. It is a perfect pop-of-color shade for Fall season. This is highly pigmented in medium dark berry shade. This could be my new favorite for the upcoming season.

Up next is my new love. This is Shade#085 Sugar Plum. If not for my Lippy September, I will not be able to try this on. This was a free lip butter that came with my purchase. And, I am so lucky to have this shade. I would have not buy this shade off the rack because I was not a fan of its color, but then when I tired it on, It was love in first application, hehe! I love how it looked on me (vain me! nyahaha!) and is very lovely on my skin tone. Love, love, love!

Shade#095 Creme Brulee is a beautiful nude with a warm undertone. Although I looked wash in this color, I feel that this will be beautiful lip color to go with a dramatic eye makeup. 

Shade#080 Strawberry Shortcake is a light pink color with purple undertones. This appears like the MAC's Angel lipstick but with more shine on me. I feel like this could be a dupe of the said lipstick if opaquely applied on me. I love it! This was my lipstick for the Summer. 

To complete my collection is my red lip butter in Shade#035 Candy Apple. This is a warm coral-red that finishes off with a hint of shine. This color may appear bright to light or fair skin toned. Its warm undertone accentuates warm colored skin and I love that it did not came off as bright red on me, as reviewed by others. Not really my favorite lip butter, but I am pretty sure I can flaunt this color for night outs!

So that's it lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this segment of my Lippy September!

Stay beautiful!

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CarmenAce Tadeo said...

Your all time favorite does look nice on you! Duh that is why it's your all time favorite lol. Gotta try these now ;) hehe