Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Your Lipstick Says About Your Marriage

Hi everyone! 

As I was waiting in the lounge reading magazines while my hubby got his haircut, I come across this article in Brides Magazine November/ December 2008. And, I think I should share it to you guys, especially for my married friends out there! :)

So, let's untwist our go-to lipstick, match it in one of the shapes below, and learn what married life holds in store.

Close to Original Shape

Your wedding? A dream. The honeymoon? Bliss. But don't get so wrapped up in coupledom that you lose interest in friends - put a girl's margarita night in you  weekly agenda.

Flat Top, Concave

With your penchant for excitement (that treasure hunt that led him to be was brilliant), the next few years are going to be wild. What to keep working: on trust and consistency.

Rounded, Smooth Top

With the nicest guy in the world as a spouse, life doesn't got sunnier or more peaceful. Just shake things up now and then to keep it interesting: Naked Tuesdays, anyone?

Sharp Angles on Both Sides

Your home will be the gang's social hub--wine tastings, book-club dinners, BBQs. Let him make half the decisions, and he'll continue to worship the ground you walk on.

Angled, Curved Tip

You're bursting with plans for your new life (paint kitchen/ adopt dog/ buy kayak), and the adventure is just beginning--it only gets better when you stay open to his ideas, too.

Tip with a Rounded Point

He loves your energy, your warmth, and your devotion to family. Your reluctance to compromise over little things? Not so much. Flexibility will help build a string marriage.

Sharply Angled Tip

A passionate personality keeps the sheets sizzling, and your decisiveness will come in handy (no waffling about baby names). Learn to chill--every couple needs some downtime.

Flat Top

Spotless home, holiday cards sent out December 1--you've got it down to a science. Now loosen up a bit(will socks on the floor really kill you?) and live happily ever after.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this article as I did. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy! 
I love you so much!

May GLOSSYBOX First Birthday

Hi everyone! Today, I got my glossybox! And I was excited about this because it is their anniversary edition. This is actually my 2nd box from them, and I love the first one, making me more excited! So for those who are not familiar with what glossybox is, here is a little background I got form their website (

Glossybox is a bespoke box of 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples handpicked by their own beauty experts and mailed directly to to their subscribers. This box is a perfect little present from you to your own self! This whole thing works in 3 steps: 

1.) Choose your Plan - From chic urban professionals to fashion-forward teens and eco-minded beauties, Glossybox is all about turning subscriber into beauty insiders. Whatever your beauty bent, you can find the right subscription model here. 

2.) Receive and Unwrap - Once you select a plan and fill out your beauty profile, Glossybox will send  a box filled with 5-6 luxury-sized samples from their and your favorite brand. Their specialized team of product scouts will create a carefully curated box which they will send to your door at the end of the month. Your. Our job is just to unwrap and enjoy the goodies, whose value is more than twice the price you'd pay for the same products in the store. Plus, Glossybox shipping is free.

3.) Enjoy and Share - Each month, Glossybox try to send products that you'll fall in love with over and over again. After given the chance to sample the beauty finds, you or we tell  them if they got it right. By sharing your feedback through product reviews and surveys, you can start collecting GLOSSYDOTS to earn your vey own free GLOSSYBOX. Weeeeee!

I don't want to keep you guys in suspense, so here are what I got for this month's GLOSSYBOX! :)

What makes Glossybox my favorite is not only with the wonderful products they give you but on how elegant everything is presented to you. Their box is literally glossy, very sturdy and something you can reuse. I am using all the boxes I got as my make-up box or dividers for my make-up collection. Love it!

These are the products I got...

1. Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray
2. European Wax Center - Free Wax coupon; The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Lotion
3. Epionce Serum
4. Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick
5. Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil
6. Etre Belle Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydra Mask
If you ask me what products I am excited to try in this batch, I would say, it is the Xtreme Lashes  Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil. After I opened the box, I tried this eye pencil right away. And, I super love it! They are right. This gives a dramatic look of a liquid liner, with the ease of the pencil. It is highly pigmented, so easy to apply and is smudge-proof. Moreover, it came in full size! Weeeeee! Love! Love! Love! I might buy one of these in different color.

The next on my list to try is the Etre Belle Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydro Mask. They say that this restructuring and moisturizing Collagen and Aloe Vera mask provides skin with an extreme moisture boost that improves the elasticity and  promoted hydration. Sounded great! I might skip my Eclos Mask tonight and try this. So excited! 

I love perfumes, and the one that came with the box is interesting. It is in a solid form. The smell however is not my type. It smells just like soap. I mean, i love the fresh smell of it, but it does not make me want to put it on me, hehe! And it did not stay long on my wrist too. However, the packaging is so cute! It is parceled in beautiful, boutique-inspired packaging in a size perfect to slip in my purse. I could use it as a back-up perfume. :)

In comparison with the first box I got, I would say that I love them both. There are more pieces though that I love on the first one. But, there are pieces now that I super love too... Oh well, as long as there are pieces that I love, I am happy! 

So I am gonna go now and try them out. If you want me to review anymore of these products, just let me know! Till next blog!

Stay beautiful! xoxo!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

IPSY / GLAM BAG Spring Fling

My very first Glam Bag arrived yesterday! Wooohoooo! Almost every subscriber submitting review on this glam bag are saying that they love this one, and this made me super excited! So for those who do not know what Ipsy is all about here is a little background I got from their website (

Ipsy was created by Michelle Phan. She has inspired countless women around the world through her video tutorials on YouTube; and everyday, the question Michelle gets asked the most is: "What are the right products for me?" With the infinite beauty product combinations in the marketplace, choosing the best item for ones needs can be challenging. And so, the creation of Ipsy. Michelle and her team of stylist have selected products they love, for us to try. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Ipsy members can watch and play along with stylist the same products they are using. All of this only for $10 a month.

SO, lets get to it! Here are what I got from my Glam Bag!

The Glam Bag was shipped with a pink packaging, isn't that cute?! And when you open it, you can see cards that has the theme of the bag and list of the products. It came with coupons too, so if you like the product you can buy it in their website with percent off as members.  This month they are going with Spring Fling theme. Along with the cards, is the "glam bag". The bag is vey nice. It has chevron print on it in blues, orange and white, which is so pretty, and this could be use as everyday make-up bag. Inside the bag, I got five products,  two of them in full size and three are deluxe samples.

1. Zoya Nail Polish, in full size, in a very pretty shade of Neely. I love the color, good for spring and summer. This Zoya nail polish is created with the finest quality pigments and finishes. This award-winning, ultra long-wear Zoya formula is also vegan friendly and the Big 5 free: no formaldehyde, no formaldehyde resin, no toluene, no dibutyl phthalate, no camphor.

2. Yaby Concealer refill in color buff. When I made a swatch of this in the back of my hand, the color was a little lighter for my complexion, though, the consistency is so creamy. I am pretty sure this concealer will be easy to apply and highly blend-able due to its creamy texture. If this will not work for me as a concealer, I am pretty sure that this will work for me as a highlighter. I am excited to try it.

3. Pacifica Roll-on Perfume in Tahitian Gardenia. I love this! This is a great spring/ summer scent. It has flower power with musk, spice, and citrusy without being too sweet. I am not a fan of girly, too sweet perfumes, so this was a hit for me. The size was good too, it fits right to my make-up bag.

4. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink and in full size! Weeeeee! I love this. The color was great for me and it is not sticky at all. Moreover, they said it is a combination of antioxidant-rich acai and goji berries, natural minerals and sweet agave nectar. It is made of organic ingredients only! Love, love, love!

5. Pacifica Coconut Crashed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter. This product smells heavenly! And it is silky too. This body butter has shimmer to it, but not too glittery and I like it that way. It leaves your skin hydrated and glowing. Love this one too! 

As a summary, this month's glam bag made me super happy! A very good welcome gift for me too. I am putting a video link down below for looks using the Glam Bag Spring Fling.

Keep on smiling! Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Audacious Asphalt Look (Inspired by Jackie Perdue's Skinny Jeans Smokey Eye Tutorial)

Lately,  I have been a fan of watching make-up tutorials in you tube. One of the Beauty Gurus that I love, love, love so much is Jackie Perdue, also known as JaaackJack in her you tube account. She is the reason why I made my own you tube account, just to follow her videos. I know that sounded creepy, hahaha! But I promise, following her on video and blog is about my own growth and not the stalker kind of way, hehe! She is just amazing!!!! As I was watching her videos, I encountered her Skinny Jeans Smokey Eye tutorial and for so long I have been wanting to try smokey eyes and see how it would look on me. I am not a savvy make-up artist, and no close to being one. I only do powder and lipstick most of the time, but I have tons of make-up at home! And this video just gave me the urge to try my stuff and for once make use of it. My hubby would be ecstatic knowing I am using my make-up, hahaha! He paid most of it, nyahahaha! Spoiled me. 

Anyway, here is my version of Jackie's....

First, prep face for a clean canvass. Then, apply a good eye shadow base on your eye lids. For me, I used my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and applied it all over my upper eye lids up to my brow line and bring some to my lower lids as well. Primer will increase the life of your shadows and make the color more vibrant too.

Then, apply a cream shadow on your upper lids. In Jackie's video she used Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans, but in mine, I was using Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio in Audacious Asphalt. I have seen videos saying that the Maybelline one is a dupe for the Benefit's, but I will never know until I have one of the Benefit's, hehe! So, using my Borghese 105 concealer brush, I applied the cream shadow to my upper lids.

And then, with the use of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette, mix Toasted and Hustle colors using a fluffy crease brush (Borghese 200 - eye powder fluffy brush) and blend out the lines of the cream shadow for a gradient and more natural looking. And then take the Naked color from the same palette to blend everything out up to the eyebrows (Same as Jackie's).

Using the same Naked Palette Eyeshadow, darken the corner of your eyes and the eyelids with the color Creep using a tapered crease brush. For me, used my Borghese 201 - eyeshadow brush. Concentrate the said color to the outer V of the eye and then bring down the color as well to your lower lash line.

I am not sure if I have applied mine the right way, it looks different from Jackies', hahaha!
Supposed to be, the next step is to add highlighters on the brow bone area and the inner corner of the eye. I'm sorry, I just don't have any of that. So I proceeded to curling my lashes, putting my Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara on and line my water line with my Nars Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto. Also, Jackie is a pro with winging eyeliners on upper lid, I myself was a disaster. I end up messing my eye make up and redoing everything, hahaha! So, I will skip the cat eye. I need more practice on that. ;) 

Another step that I missed is the putting on of fake lashes and filling the eyebrows. I need more practice on that too... Sorry! ( So sorry Jackie for messing up this tutorial.... I am definitely watching your video on eyebrows and fake lashes!)

And since I don't have a highlighter, I instead use my concealer (ELF tone correcting concealer) and dab some of it in my brow bone, in the inner corner of my eyes and on my lower lids as well. Not only will this hide dark under eye circle, it will also brighten the eye area.

See?! It does brighten my eye area! weeeeeee!
After doing all the eye make-up, we will then apply our face make-up. I am a fan of BB creams and so far I am loving and hoarding on Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in Light/Medium. Instead of foundation, I applied this BB cream all over my face. 

My beauty lines are still showing up, hehehe! But at least the redness and big pores on my face is gone! Wohoooo! :)
Moving on, apply powder to set your make-up. I applied my Physician Formula Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder using my Sigma F30 large powder brush. Not only does this set your make-up but also mattifies your face. Then, apply your blush on the apples of your cheek. I used my Benefit Coralista, like Jackie's! Weeeee! hehe! I super love Benefit's powder o' box and Coralista is one of my fave. 

Next, apply our favorite lipstick. Since we have a strong eye make-up, I would recommend going minimal with the lips. So, I just applied on my Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in fresh papaya and applied over it my NYC Liquid lipshine in Nude. 

I feel like I have not darkened enough my eyes for a true smokey eye feel... :(
And Woahlaaahhh! My (not-so) Audicious Asphalt Look, hehehe!

Excuse the eye bags, I just worked night shift and no sleep for almost 24 hours, hehe!
As conclusion, I see that I definitely need more practice! hehe! But this is a good start right?! Oh well, I hope you guys enjoyed my adaptation of Jackie's tutorial. I am putting down below Jackie's tutorial in you tube. I hope you will enjoy her channel as much as I did. Till my next blog!

Stay Beautiful Everyone!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Night with Eclos

For the past four days, I have been sick and stayed most of my time in my bed then facing computer, then bed, then eat, then back to bed. I am just happy now that the medications given by my doctor is working, and I am feeling a lot better. And as a celebration of my wellness, I went to Target and try to look for good facial mask. And, I found this! 

I believe Eclos is a Freeman beauty product under their skin care line. According to, Eclos is a high-tech anti-aging skin care that stems from nature. Their formulation includes unique Apple Stem Cells, extracted from a rare Swiss Apple, clinically proven to rejuvenate skin and delay the signs of aging. They ( were also saying that specially this Eclos Skin Renewal Clay Mask has purifying plant extracts that helps purge skin of pollutants and toxin that can age skin. The Kaolin clay, Green Tea and Rosemary gently lift dulling congestion from deep within skin to help restore youthful clarity. The Rosemary Extracts help contract pores for a smoother, flawless finish. It has been clinically proven to significantly reduce wrinkle and improve skin texture in two weeks. Isn't that great!!!

This is just what I need! After being sick, my skin just look dull and tired. So, I did purchase one pack with 15 ml of Eclos Clay Mask. I think this pack is good for two application and the pack cost $1.99 + 8.1% tax which totaled to $2.15. It says on the back of the packaging that to see maximum results, this should be applied at least twice per week. So, I just have to spend  $8.6 for the whole month. Not bad at all! hehe!

Just in case you are curious, here are the details on how I did my Facial using Eclos Clay Mask. First you gonna need these things:

1. Eclos Clay Mask
2. Any Brush or you can just use your hands/ finger;
For me, I am using my Borghese Round Foundation Brush
3. Spoon or anything you can put the mask on

Make sure your hand is clean and that your spoon is disinfected with alcohol before putting on the clay mask. Once clean, put half of what is in the pack to the spoon, then close the opening of the pack with tape and set is aside. 

Dab brush on the clay mask and smooth a thin layer of the mask over clean face and neck, avoiding the eyes and mouth area. 

I am pretty sure you will look scary after putting on the clay mask,
so I suggest not to roam around the house, hehe!

Then, wait for 5-10 minutes for your mask to set. 

Boooo! Did I scare you! nyahahaha!

After mask sets, rinse face thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to leave no residue of the clay mask on your face and/or neck. Then apply your favorite moisturizer.

The product was so soothing on my skin when I applied it. It was cold and tingly at first and immediately I feel like my skin tighten. It doesn't have any kind of smell on it. While waiting for it to set, my skin felt tighter. When I washed my face, the tightness was gone. It left me a clean, smoother and healthy looking skin. Lines on my forehead is still there, also under my eyes, but then I was not expecting a miracle too. What's amazing is that I felt no itchiness and no redness at all. My skin is super duper sensitive and cannot tolerate  other beauty products. My face though felt dry after, that is why I added on the procedures to add moisturizer after. So far I am very happy of the results. I should at least do this twice a week for maximum results. I would highly recommend this for everyone to try.

BTW, I am not affiliated to this product nor paid to do this review. I wish I am , but I am not. So you have to try it to experience it yourself. =)

Keep on smiling everyone! Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BIRCHBOX beauty diaries

Hi everyone! 

Lately, I have been a gaga over beauty boxes. FYI, beauty boxes are monthly subscription of variety of beauty products from make-up, to nails, to hair care, to skin care and even fragrance that will be delivered straight to your home. Though these boxes are not free, they may cost $10 to $20 per month depending on the company, the samples inside these boxes can be worth several times than what you paid for, and sometimes they put in products in full size!  Isn't that great?! Now, I am subscribed to three of the biggest and most famous beauty boxes here in USA. I am into ipsy or glam bag, then there's the classy glossy box and birchbox! I superbly love them!

So how does birchbox works? BIRCHBOX arrives to your home filled with 5 or 6 deluxe beauty and/or lifestyle samples based on a profile you provided them when making your account. If you like one of these samples, you can always buy full-sized product at and get reward points for discounts on future purchases. BTW, shipment is free! Awesome!!!

Anyway, I just got into birchbox; this is my second haul, yet! The first one that I received for month of April was amazing! They got me Mirenesse Glossy Kiss which can be a cheek and/or lip stain. I also got from them Folle de Joie eau de parfum sample, LaFace Laboratories PUR facial wash sample, Nexxus Youth Renewal, Rejuvinating Elixir sample and Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on in full size that I truly, truly love. Moreover, I got free subscription of Women'sHealth Magazine for 10 months!

April 2013 BIRCHBOX

And now, here is my May 2013 BIRCHBOX with the theme of beauty diaries. This box contains more of hair care products. I got Amika hair nourishing mask, Amika Obliphica hair treatment and Beauty Protector to protect and detangle hair. It is ironic because just a couple of months ago I had my hair dyed and bleached for highlights--it is making my hair dry and lifeless. I badly needed these! hehe! I am excited to try it! 

Included in the box is Supergoop Daily Corret SPF 35 CC Cream. Supergoop is a known skin care line for three benefits--superior broad spectrum UV sun protection, amazing anti aging benefits and antioxidant-infused in all-natural products. BB creams have been famous and one of my favorite as well, but I am willing to try this next generation CC cream. By Supergoop? I am pretty sure I'm gonna love it.

Another product included is Whish Shave Crave shaving cream. I have not heard of this brand before, but it says here that this product is made in US with eco-freindly ingredients. Striking is that, it is not designed to foam up, instead it is in a lotion form which is a chock full of organic and natural botanicals that soften the skin. Sounds good to me! Moreover, it really smells good!

Last, but not the least, is Isaac Mizrahi's Fabulous Eau de Parfum. It says here that it is a fanciful blend of mandarin and jasmine laced with vanilla. This smells too feminine for me though, and for those who know me, I am more into masculine-ish olfaction, hehe! But, it does smell good, but not my type. =)

1. Amika Nourishing Mask    2. Amika Oil Treatment     3. Supergoop CC cream    
4. Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Eau de Parfum    5. Beauty Protector   6. Whish Shave Crave

If you want me to make a review to any one of these products, please leave a comment below and I am very willing to make one for you. Respond may take a while, but I promise a response. So, that's it! I can't wait for my Ipsy or Glam bag and Glossy Box. I'll let you know when I have it. =)

Keep on smiling everyone! Stay beautiful!

Monday, May 13, 2013

What a Journey!

Weeeee! After more than two years, and here I am back! hehe! A lot had happened that two fun years. Starting and making it in this new place (Las Vegas) was a battle, and will always be. But every exertion to win every struggle is definitely flourishing no matter what the outcome is. I would say, I am happy and more beautiful, hehehe! Anyway, for flash forward here are the things that happened to me in 2011 to now. 

Highlights of 2011

1. I got a job!!!! Last Feb. 2011, I got hired as per diem, and eventually, because of my hardwork, I got transferred to a better facility, still under the same company, and they made me full time like around June-Julyish 2011. Moreover, I got promoted!!! Accepting the task was not easy, my psoriasis flared out because of stress, hehe! Oh well, I believe I am doing good with my job now with the help and support of my colleagues. I am still stressed (no flare ups anymore, thank God!!!), but I am learning to manage it.

2. I got married! Twice!!! hehe! Me and Dennis had a civil marriage last New Year's Day of 2010. The second time around, we got our dream Church wedding in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It was ahhhmazing! It felt good to share the most wonderful day of your life, with family, close friends and relatives. It was a perfect day, marrying my one true love. I love you langga!

Our cake by Julius Cuadra Mendoza

3. It was sad that after our marriage, my daddy had to undergo heart surgery. It was terrible not being there personally at times you know you are needed. But my heart, my soul and my prayers were always with him. I am just glad that daddy is ok now. I love you so much daddy! Take care always.

With Daddy before the wedding. They said I look like him, do i??? :)
4. I got my first car and my driving license! Wohoooo!

5. We got Milo, our not-so friendly chuhuahua, hehehe!

He is a lot bigger now, and a lot noisier! =)

Highlights of 2012

1. We got a new home!!!! =) I am loving our new home. It doesn't matter if I have to drive 45 mins to an hour to get to work, as long as I have a beautiful place to go home to. I finally have my dream room, an awesome kitchen and spacious bathroom!

2. I am now a legal alien in USA, no more conditions, no more problems in airport, hehe! I just have a traumatic experiences in airports. Hahaaaaayy! Gone are the days! weeeeeee!

3. My sister got married!!! Congratulations sis! I know I was not able to come, but you know my reasons are valid, hehe! Anyway, Ill make it up to you if ever I come home to Bohol.

my sister and the ex-boyfriend, hehehe!

I was certainly busy huh? I hope you got a gist of what life was to me in the past 2 years. I am very thankful for those blessed years. As I embark to this new journey with the coming years, I hope I will be able to share to you my learnings, my talents, all the joys and what's beautiful, and all advises and tips on just about everything. And yes, I will try my best to update my blog, hopefully I will be able to do one every week. So, we'll see! hehe!

Have a Beautiful Day!