Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May GLOSSYBOX First Birthday

Hi everyone! Today, I got my glossybox! And I was excited about this because it is their anniversary edition. This is actually my 2nd box from them, and I love the first one, making me more excited! So for those who are not familiar with what glossybox is, here is a little background I got form their website (

Glossybox is a bespoke box of 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples handpicked by their own beauty experts and mailed directly to to their subscribers. This box is a perfect little present from you to your own self! This whole thing works in 3 steps: 

1.) Choose your Plan - From chic urban professionals to fashion-forward teens and eco-minded beauties, Glossybox is all about turning subscriber into beauty insiders. Whatever your beauty bent, you can find the right subscription model here. 

2.) Receive and Unwrap - Once you select a plan and fill out your beauty profile, Glossybox will send  a box filled with 5-6 luxury-sized samples from their and your favorite brand. Their specialized team of product scouts will create a carefully curated box which they will send to your door at the end of the month. Your. Our job is just to unwrap and enjoy the goodies, whose value is more than twice the price you'd pay for the same products in the store. Plus, Glossybox shipping is free.

3.) Enjoy and Share - Each month, Glossybox try to send products that you'll fall in love with over and over again. After given the chance to sample the beauty finds, you or we tell  them if they got it right. By sharing your feedback through product reviews and surveys, you can start collecting GLOSSYDOTS to earn your vey own free GLOSSYBOX. Weeeeee!

I don't want to keep you guys in suspense, so here are what I got for this month's GLOSSYBOX! :)

What makes Glossybox my favorite is not only with the wonderful products they give you but on how elegant everything is presented to you. Their box is literally glossy, very sturdy and something you can reuse. I am using all the boxes I got as my make-up box or dividers for my make-up collection. Love it!

These are the products I got...

1. Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray
2. European Wax Center - Free Wax coupon; The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Lotion
3. Epionce Serum
4. Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick
5. Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil
6. Etre Belle Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydra Mask
If you ask me what products I am excited to try in this batch, I would say, it is the Xtreme Lashes  Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil. After I opened the box, I tried this eye pencil right away. And, I super love it! They are right. This gives a dramatic look of a liquid liner, with the ease of the pencil. It is highly pigmented, so easy to apply and is smudge-proof. Moreover, it came in full size! Weeeeee! Love! Love! Love! I might buy one of these in different color.

The next on my list to try is the Etre Belle Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydro Mask. They say that this restructuring and moisturizing Collagen and Aloe Vera mask provides skin with an extreme moisture boost that improves the elasticity and  promoted hydration. Sounded great! I might skip my Eclos Mask tonight and try this. So excited! 

I love perfumes, and the one that came with the box is interesting. It is in a solid form. The smell however is not my type. It smells just like soap. I mean, i love the fresh smell of it, but it does not make me want to put it on me, hehe! And it did not stay long on my wrist too. However, the packaging is so cute! It is parceled in beautiful, boutique-inspired packaging in a size perfect to slip in my purse. I could use it as a back-up perfume. :)

In comparison with the first box I got, I would say that I love them both. There are more pieces though that I love on the first one. But, there are pieces now that I super love too... Oh well, as long as there are pieces that I love, I am happy! 

So I am gonna go now and try them out. If you want me to review anymore of these products, just let me know! Till next blog!

Stay beautiful! xoxo!

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