Monday, May 13, 2013

What a Journey!

Weeeee! After more than two years, and here I am back! hehe! A lot had happened that two fun years. Starting and making it in this new place (Las Vegas) was a battle, and will always be. But every exertion to win every struggle is definitely flourishing no matter what the outcome is. I would say, I am happy and more beautiful, hehehe! Anyway, for flash forward here are the things that happened to me in 2011 to now. 

Highlights of 2011

1. I got a job!!!! Last Feb. 2011, I got hired as per diem, and eventually, because of my hardwork, I got transferred to a better facility, still under the same company, and they made me full time like around June-Julyish 2011. Moreover, I got promoted!!! Accepting the task was not easy, my psoriasis flared out because of stress, hehe! Oh well, I believe I am doing good with my job now with the help and support of my colleagues. I am still stressed (no flare ups anymore, thank God!!!), but I am learning to manage it.

2. I got married! Twice!!! hehe! Me and Dennis had a civil marriage last New Year's Day of 2010. The second time around, we got our dream Church wedding in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It was ahhhmazing! It felt good to share the most wonderful day of your life, with family, close friends and relatives. It was a perfect day, marrying my one true love. I love you langga!

Our cake by Julius Cuadra Mendoza

3. It was sad that after our marriage, my daddy had to undergo heart surgery. It was terrible not being there personally at times you know you are needed. But my heart, my soul and my prayers were always with him. I am just glad that daddy is ok now. I love you so much daddy! Take care always.

With Daddy before the wedding. They said I look like him, do i??? :)
4. I got my first car and my driving license! Wohoooo!

5. We got Milo, our not-so friendly chuhuahua, hehehe!

He is a lot bigger now, and a lot noisier! =)

Highlights of 2012

1. We got a new home!!!! =) I am loving our new home. It doesn't matter if I have to drive 45 mins to an hour to get to work, as long as I have a beautiful place to go home to. I finally have my dream room, an awesome kitchen and spacious bathroom!

2. I am now a legal alien in USA, no more conditions, no more problems in airport, hehe! I just have a traumatic experiences in airports. Hahaaaaayy! Gone are the days! weeeeeee!

3. My sister got married!!! Congratulations sis! I know I was not able to come, but you know my reasons are valid, hehe! Anyway, Ill make it up to you if ever I come home to Bohol.

my sister and the ex-boyfriend, hehehe!

I was certainly busy huh? I hope you got a gist of what life was to me in the past 2 years. I am very thankful for those blessed years. As I embark to this new journey with the coming years, I hope I will be able to share to you my learnings, my talents, all the joys and what's beautiful, and all advises and tips on just about everything. And yes, I will try my best to update my blog, hopefully I will be able to do one every week. So, we'll see! hehe!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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