Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Your Lipstick Says About Your Marriage

Hi everyone! 

As I was waiting in the lounge reading magazines while my hubby got his haircut, I come across this article in Brides Magazine November/ December 2008. And, I think I should share it to you guys, especially for my married friends out there! :)

So, let's untwist our go-to lipstick, match it in one of the shapes below, and learn what married life holds in store.

Close to Original Shape

Your wedding? A dream. The honeymoon? Bliss. But don't get so wrapped up in coupledom that you lose interest in friends - put a girl's margarita night in you  weekly agenda.

Flat Top, Concave

With your penchant for excitement (that treasure hunt that led him to be was brilliant), the next few years are going to be wild. What to keep working: on trust and consistency.

Rounded, Smooth Top

With the nicest guy in the world as a spouse, life doesn't got sunnier or more peaceful. Just shake things up now and then to keep it interesting: Naked Tuesdays, anyone?

Sharp Angles on Both Sides

Your home will be the gang's social hub--wine tastings, book-club dinners, BBQs. Let him make half the decisions, and he'll continue to worship the ground you walk on.

Angled, Curved Tip

You're bursting with plans for your new life (paint kitchen/ adopt dog/ buy kayak), and the adventure is just beginning--it only gets better when you stay open to his ideas, too.

Tip with a Rounded Point

He loves your energy, your warmth, and your devotion to family. Your reluctance to compromise over little things? Not so much. Flexibility will help build a string marriage.

Sharply Angled Tip

A passionate personality keeps the sheets sizzling, and your decisiveness will come in handy (no waffling about baby names). Learn to chill--every couple needs some downtime.

Flat Top

Spotless home, holiday cards sent out December 1--you've got it down to a science. Now loosen up a bit(will socks on the floor really kill you?) and live happily ever after.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this article as I did. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Stay Beautiful!

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