Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's in my MUB (makeup bag) for Work?

Basically, I have two make-up bags, one for work, and one for my daily purse or bag. Due to some restrictions at work, we are only allowed to bring clear bags. So, I also got myself a clear makeup bag!

This clear makeup bag is a gift from my hubby. This bag came with travel brushes from MAC's winter collection. So lovely! This has been a staple to my work bag and it houses my fave makeup for work. From my pervious blog, you would see my most used makeups for work, and I bring those with me to work just in case I need it. But for most of the time, I only get to use the powder to mattify my face back and lip gloss during work. I am most of the time busy, no time for touch ups unfortumately. Still, I bring this with me everyday at work.

So, what is in your MUB for work? I would really love to hear from you... Thank you for passing by my blog.

Have a great day! Stay beautiful!

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