Monday, November 12, 2007

Marimar Addict!!!

I woke up this morning still with the frustration for not having watched the marimar episode yesterday. I was there in front of my TV, waiting patiently for 'Marimar' to start, and sa kasamaang palad, nakatulog po ako, grrrrrrrrrrr! I woke up around midnight, with just I-witness on my tv talking about black gold. It sucks! not being able to watch your most-awaited tv series... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy! I wonder what happened last night, grrrrrrrrr! Guess, that made me a certified MARIMAR ADDICT! hehehe! I was then a full pledge 'kapamilya', but because of this show I am now a kapamilya and a kapuso, hehe! I really love Marimar. The whole casting is great (especially the Marimar and Sergio roles), the pacing of scenes is fast and not boring at all, and it is fun to watch especially with the dogs talking too, hehehe! And I really don't think that it's 'JOLOGS' to watch this show, that's why I am proud to tell everyone that I do watch this show. Marimar is proving to be the most-watched evening series on Pinoy TV these days. And FYI, Marian Rivera (Marimar Perez/Bella Aldama) is not just like any other actresses out there... She has class and moreover, educated. She graduated BS Psychology at La Salle University (Shocks! Addict na jud ko! hehehe!), indeed an excellent role model of our youth today. More power to MARIMAR show!!! Keep up the good work. And to those who haven't tried watching it... it's time that you do try... I assure you, di ka magsisisi. =P

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