Saturday, November 24, 2007

beowulf the movie

Curious of what the Beowulf movie can give, I watched it today with my sister. I am not really a fan of classical epics like this, but the animation of this movie made me look forward in watching it, and hey, many said "Beowulf (Ray Winstone)" was animated and 'sculpted' really good; and there I was trying to see if the 'many' were telling the truth, hehehe! Anyway, here's what I can say about the movie...

The animation was very good. Movements were pragmatic and appearance of the cast physically resembled the real ones. And yes, the 'many' were telling the truth... you should see how good the body of Beowulf was sculpted, hehe! Fight scenes were very good! But I believe the animation would have been really great using 3D vision. Unfortunately, we were watching it in 2D, hehe! I would rate their animation 4 in a scale of 5 (having 5 as the perfect score). Comparing it to 'The Polar Express', this was a lot better. However, there were some dragging parts (for me). I was sleepy in some plots, and there were words that were hard to understand, maybe because of the accent and unfamiliar terms used. It was even frustrating trying to cope with what they were saying (Gosh! I need to study na jud for IELTS, grrrrr!). And for those not familiar with the story behind Beowulf epic, you should do some reading before trying to watch it. I was lost at the first part of the movie... trying to connect all the characters and what role they are playing, but eventually, you'll see the connections. I believe there were deviations from the real story behind Beowulf, but it was good. It made the story even more conceivable. The Beowulf discussed during my college days was a lot different. As far as I can remember, Beowulf really did fought the mother of Grendel and she died. In this movie they made a twist ( a good one, hehe!). They made it look like all Danish Kings were under the curse of Grendel's mother and Beowulf was one of them. Grendel's mother was "shatter-proof" that even Beowulf cannot destroy. It was quite good, but if I was Beowulf, I think I'd be offended, hehe! But then all of this deviations are for the sake of good screenplay, and they nailed it!

Overall, Beowulf the movie is very good. However, for those seeking movies plainly for entertainment, fun and those that are undemanding, this is not for you. =)

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