Tuesday, November 27, 2007

happy endings

I have always been a fan of romantic films. I get to watch them for many times and still have the same feeling as I was watching them for the first time. Somehow these films awake the inner child in me, wherein a simple goodbye could make me shed rivers of tears, and wherein a simple exchange of hellos from lovers could make me feel so loved and in love too. What I like most in this romantic films is that it makes me believe that happy ending is real and not just any fantasy. Many would say that in real life, happy endings and ever after are just a figment of imagination. And that happy endings only exist in songs, in movies and in poems. Well, I strongly disagree to this unenthusiastic perspective. I deemed it real, or at least I want to believe that happy endings and ever after do exist. I cannot blame people to feel pessimistic about it. Looking at what surrounds us now--indifference, infidelity, poverty, corruption, catastrophes and many twisted values, gives us a slim chance in living a happy life. But, we all should remember that in every negative piece is a positive countenance. All is a matter of choice. We all are born free--free to choose on how to live our own life, free to decide on what force to follow and free to choose the type of ending that we want. I say, we go for the happy ending. Why settle for less? It would not be a smooth path though, for along the way, we may lose something important or someone we value most. Yet, what is essential is that we get to stand up and continue the life's journey with dignity and moral intact. Happy ending doesn't always mean having everything you want, or having all the material things one desires. Happy ending is having what is vital. It is having what completes you. If all of us believes that happy endings do exist, then all of us would strive for it and remain hopeful. Everyday would then be stepping stone for that great happiness in the end. I am sure it is worth it all! =D

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