Friday, November 16, 2007

heaven and hell

After studying my review book, which is a little unpleasant due to my runny nose, I continued watching some remaining episode of the Ghost Whisperer today. As I watch on from one episode to another, I came to realize that this series is actually instilling its viewer a new positive outlook on death. And not only that, this series showed its viewer a new insight on what life is after death. My faith have taught me that death is inevitable. All is in control of the Highest One. And that after death is the judgment to where a soul should go--to heaven or hell. Heaven is a place for the good ones and those flawed goes to hell. But, who knows for sure what is on the other side? No one knows for sure whats gonna happen after death, and I come to think that what if all are meant to be in heaven, to be together in that one great light. What if heaven and hell are not just places, but a disposition of one being. I'd like to think that all who died would be in one place, all equal and peaceful to one another--a heaven indeed. Heaven could not just be a place above land,but it could also be a state of being--a reconciliation with ones self and others. Heaven could mean fulfillment of one purpose in life. Heaven could just plainly mean resting in peace. On the other hand, hell could be more than just a place under the earth, but could be somewhere or anywhere here, or a state of being inappropriate. Hell could be a state of being lost, somewhere one doesn't belong. Like when one dies, he is supposed to crossover to a light, to a place for all who rested in peace, and yet one would choose to stay behind--a place where he doesn't belong anymore, and this could be a hell for him. Yet, why would one choose to stay even if it would be a hell for him? Unfinished business I supposed. I'd like to believe that hell isn't a place for punishment. God is so good, that He would just make hell a place for one to find peace and later be able to crossover to heaven. It would be a time for that one soul to reconcile with the living, forgive all the wrongs done unto him and ask forgiveness to those he had done wrong. And when all is said and done, peace can be found and one would surely feel fulfillment--the time to crossover to the Light.

What a happy thought, isn't it? hehe! Like what I said, no one really knows about the life after death. All that I can leave to all you readers out there is that we make the best out of our lives. We only live once, be good, be happy, be holy. So if heaven do exist, I'd like to meet you there. =D

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