Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Let me start my blog with a simple introduction... Uhmmm... This may take some space here, but I assure you, I'm someone worth knowing (I guess, hehehe!) Anyway, you can call me GuhLADeeS... this blog is mainly for my share of ideas about anything in this world. I'm a proud daughter of my parents (of course! hehe!). I'm also sharing my life now with someone very and extra special--my 'pangga' DEhkNeeS. My parents, my boyfriend and my friends are the significant people of my life now. And I always treasure them and I love taking care of them. I am basically God-fearing. I am a person of good moral and a major pro-life! I love taking on new adventures. I love exploring oceans and the seas. I love reading books and watching TV too. I love collecting things, like bags, shoes, slippers, baseball caps, stuff toys... anything pleasing to my senses, hehe! I love cooking, I love experimenting on new recipes. I'm a clean freak, moreover, I think I have a type A personality, hehe! I just think so, hehe! I have always wanted to travel the world. Me and my best friend, JhANNAh, have always wanted to see the world. We plan to go to Japan and see true ninjas, hehe! to Europe and meet the Queen, hehe! even to Iceland just to be one of the happiest people in the whole world, hehe! and many, many more... I love spending time with people I love. I am happy with my life now... though I haven't landed on my dream job yet (USRN), I am happy to where I am now--in Bohol, with my family and friends, and having the greatest man in my life (DEhkNeeS).

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