Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Roses are RED and so are my Lips!

Red, red, red... a color of passion and energy.  Though such pigment can be bipolar - good energy at one time, then negativity at some point, one can never deny the the power it exudes.  Red color is always associated with that woman who is charismatic, fearless and graceful - the woman who most of us wants to be. And yes we can be that woman, even just for a day. You will be amazed on how one color makes you feel like you can conquer the world---a red pout is all it takes! 

So ladies, here are my top red lippies that changed my life! :)

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are simply the best lipsticks I have in my collection. Formulation is great! It is creamy, lightweight, very comfortable to wear, glides on smoothly on your lips and, most of all, they are moisturizing. These lippies are unscented, which is a bonus for those sensitive with perfume. Packaging wise, its is very sleek, in a gunmetal mirrored case and the signature Urban Decay violet color as the barrell. Simple but gorgeous! I just cannot say enough about these lipsticks. I love, love, love them! It is of no surprise that two shades in this line came up on top of my favorites.

First off is the red lipstick that has the most intriguing name of all my lipsticks---Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in shade 69. This is a bright red lipstick with pink undertone. Color is bold and rich in brightened red with subtle cool undertones. It leaves a creamy, satin finish and fairly one of the long wearing lipstick in this line. Coverage is opaque due to its awesome pigmentation. It does stain your lips though, but consistency is amazing! I does not set on the cracked, dry areas of your lips, rather, it moisturizes them. I super love it!

Up next, is another favorite of mine from Clinique Butter Shine Lipsticks in shade Cranberry Cream. I love butter lipsticks and the ones from Clinique's are one of my favorites. They are creamy and rich. It is however, in a gel formula, that gives a shine like a gloss but the comfort of a lipstick. Cranberry Cream shade is dark red color. It gives a vampy look, but a wearable one. It comes in a silver packaging with a bamboo-like shape - very sleek. Consistency is nice - it is creamy,  light, non-sticky and gives a medium to opaque coverage. I love wearing this during Fall and Winter. When you wear this lipstick, I recommend buffing first the lips to remove dead skin and make it smooth - this lipstick tend to set on chapped area of lips, hence my picture! hehe! This color is flattering on me and brightens my face, that is why I love it. 

Now, my all-time favorite red lipstick - MAC's Riri Woo. I adore this color. It is the perfect matte red lipstick for me. Color is a deep, medium red with strong cool undertones - very flattering to all skin tones. Packaging is in a bullet like form - simple and sturdy. What's cooler, is that the lipstick itself has Rihanna's signature inscription on it.  It may be matte, but its formulation is very moisturizing, highly pigmented (it stains) and long-lasting. This lipstick is simply gorgeous and stunning! I'm matte-ly in love!!!

The next lipstick that I will share to you may not be as pigmented and as great as the others. I just feel that this is worth mentioning since I used this lippy during my transition from wearing coy shades of lipstick to the bold red ones. If you feel like you are still shy with wearing the in-your-face red lippies, this lipstick is perfect for you - Calvin Klein's CK One Shine lipstick in shade 600 Alarm. Color is a medium red with orange undertones to it. I am not a fan with the packaging though, just because they are wobbly in my lipstick stand, but other than that, the casing is decent and secure with a rubbery texture on the outside. Consistency wise, this lipstick is more like a balm - highly moisturizing giving a sheer to medium coverage. Lasting power is not that great and may be due to its high shine finish. Still, it is one of my most loved lipsticks and one of the most wearable reds I have in my collection.

With my great love for butter lipsticks, I just cannot pass the chance of sharing how great the Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butters are. I have tried and tested this line - by far, it is the most hydrating, most loved lip butter in the whole world! hehe! The shade Red Velvet in this line is amazing. Color is true to its name - it is deep, rich red that resembles that of a red velvet cake. Pigmentation is incredible considering it is a butter lipstick giving a medium to nearly an opaque coverage. It does not have any shimmer on it but finishes with a shine due to its gel, buttery formulation. This however, accentuates my dry, chappy areas of the lips, but is not as bad as the Clinique's. Again, one should exfoliate lips first before applying this.

Another butter lipstick that I love is from Tarte Butter Lipstick in shade Poppy. I love Tarte and who wouldn't??? It is a cruelty-free and all-natural cosmetic line. Packaging is cute, but may not be as secure and sturdy as the others since they are made up of cardboards only. Their butter lipsticks are said to be very hydrating. Unfortunately, other shades seem to be waxy at times and makes my lips chap. However, shade Poppy is not like the others. The shade Poppy is a warm bright red color. It is creamy and moisturizing, with a color that is buildable from sheer to semi-opaque coverage. The finish is smooth and a little shiny, as expected from a butter lipsticks, but lasting power is not that great. Among the other shades from this line, Poppy is the only shade that lived up to my expectation with regards to pigmentation, hydration and smoothness of application. I am so glad I picked up this color.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is another shade from Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick - FBomb. It is another outstanding lippy that is slowly becoming one of my holy grail in lipsticks. FBomb is described as a classic red, appearing as a neutral-warm medium red with a satin finish. Like the other lipsticks on this line, this is moisturizing and long-wearing. This lipstick is highly pigmented, very creamy, very luxurious, very sexy and just gorgeous! I am truly, madly in love with this one. 

So... these are my lovely reds. What do you think? What's your favorite red lipstick? I hope you enjoyed reading my blog... till next time!

Be bold and Stay beautiful!

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