Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am so sorry for being missing-in-action the last month and probably this month too. I am just so busy right now with work, and with me and my hubby's plan to go home to Bohol this coming October, wipeeeeeee!!! I  have also an new vanity room, which I am still working on. It is not done yet, so bear with me. To those who are looking forward to what I got from my beauty boxes, so sorry... I  have not even opened last month's and this month's boxes. Sigh! Everything is just crazy right now... =(

Anyway, don't be pouty, after all of these settles down, I promise to tour you to my new, small but cute vanity room and I will show you my humble makeup collection as well, just to make up with the lost times.

Miss all of you! Stay beautiful!

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