Friday, March 20, 2009

Summary of Year 2008

Wow! It took me another year to write again, hehe! Well, I can say I have been busy with my own activities in my own time in certain places. Though many would see year 2008 as a pitfall, mine was really an elating one. During my last blog, I said I was busy reviewing for my NCLEX-RN. On the April 2008, I made it! I am now a certified, licensed USRN... It was the happiest moment in my whole year. Not only was I able to travel to Hongkong, but I really made my parents, my friends, Dennis and my own self proud of me. Remember my year's resolution--- induction of self-confidence? Somehow, I made it happen! Moreover, Dad made it home to celebrate our success as a family, and there's nothing more I could ask. Although Dennis (my boyfriend) did not made it, we were never far apart. As the year continue to roll, I found myself getting healthy (exercising regularly), falling on Ebay traps of fraud (I quit ebay! never again!), loving more (with my one and only Dennis), learning more on finances and home living (tambay kasi! hehe!) and traveling more... within the year, I've been to three countries of Asia---Hongkong during the summer then Malaysia and Singapore during the holidays! 2008 was fun! =)

This 2009, I am sure lots will come. Some may even be life-changing. Whatever happens, few things will always remain the same---I'd stay beautiful, strong, healthy and in-love. =)

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