Monday, March 30, 2009


I was reading Cosmopolitan Magazine (released September 2008) and passed through a very interesting list of 100 things women need to know about guys. Whoahhh! I found myself left laughing, stunned, curious and confused at the same time, hehe! I don't know how true this things are, but really I had fun reading it! So here, I listed my top 10 among the outrageous facts (cosmo said) about men.

1 - Most guys say it's more important that a girl has a pretty face than that she has a hot body.

2 - If a guy's ring finger is longer than his second finger, it means he has high testosterone levels... and is more likely to have a higher sex drive than a dude with same-length digits.

3 - Men prefer chicks who'll disagree with them. When a woman says yes to everything, suitors fear that her lack of resolve means she could be swayed to leave them for another guy.

4 - If you want him to feel relaxed on a date, talk about facts (say, what made the morning news) instead of feelings (how stressed you are at work). Men's brains aren't as naturally good at processing emotions as women are.

5 - Bachelors are prone to rebel against societal norms (getting tattoos, going to work on no sleep) more than coupled-up guys are because they haven't yet formed the sense of identity required to be in a relationship.

6 - Guys with masculine faces--strong jaws, pronounced eyebrows--are more likely than other types to date casually instead of have stable relationships, which is due to--yep--higher testosterone levels.

7 - The body parts that guys get self-conscious about are stomachs, body hair, and man boobs.

8 - Small-talk date topics that dudes hate? Number 1: his ex. Number 2: his money situation.

9 - First-date behavior that men read as high-maintenance red flags: making multiple food substitutions, complaining about the temperature, and having him hold your purse.

10 - It's not personal when they don't invite you along to watch sports. Guys get too absorbed in the action and can't make small talk during the game.

What do you think guys? Agree or disagree??? =)

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