Wednesday, December 19, 2007

me as a gift

I pass by this prose today while surfing the net. It is entitled "Persons Are Gifts... Wrapped". It was beautiful and I wouldn't just let the moment pass by not sharing this to all of you. Not only did it inspire me and feel more the Christmas essence, but it somehow made me rethink of my own self--If persons are gifts, have I been a gift to others? Have I been presentable enough or wrapped beautifully for others to feel happy seeing me? Do people surrounding me see me as a gift or just a disgrace? And beyond my wrapper, do they enjoy the true me? I often avoid questions like these... for sometimes it makes me feel I'd be biased answering it or I'd be over- or underrating my own self. But, today I tried answering it as honest as I could. After hours of self-meditation, I found myself happy of what I am today. I can say, I am a gift. Not one of those beautifully and perfectly wrapped though, but I believe I am one of those just wrapped ordinarily, enough for others to see and perhaps, deserving for a second look. I was once wrapped tightly, sealed and almost unwelcoming. I think we all were. We have our own secrets, our own self that we try to hide from others. Eventually, we choose to whom we share this hidden self and let some people see the true identity. In the long run, we find confidence in sharing to others who we really are, trying to get away from the wrapper that was once tightly done. After all, the wrapping is not the gift, right? What's in it is all that matters.

To be a gift is being a gift to oneself first--accepting the real you, understanding own uniqueness and loving the true you. Like what they always say, nobody's perfect. Along the way, we make mistakes. Some would see it as a disgrace, a gift flawed and should be discarded. But we shouldn't lose hope. We should learn how to forgive our own self. Sometimes it is in flaws that makes a gift more worthy. Many of us continues to be a living proof of a disgrace turning into graceful gift. And this is how all of us should end up to be--a graceful gift. As soon as we get to accept our own self, we then become a gift for others; and every meeting of a person is an exchange of gifts. I for one have become a precious gift to my family, my friends and to all who loves me, and they have been a great gift for me too. They have always been there for me from the start, and I know they will be there for me even at the end. I may not be the perfect daughter or the perfect friend and lover, but I have always tried to give all that I can give not expecting something in return. I always believe in the goodness of people, that deep within each one is the likeness of God. I myself am good. And this goodness is a great gift one can give to his neighbors or to strangers. Yet, we must always remember that exchange of gifts is a two way thing--the one that gives the gift and the one who receives it. When one gives a gift, there is always that love and joy of giving. There's that happiness in losing what you have just to give to others, and there's that bliss in surrendering your whole self for the one you love. This is the real essence in gift-giving. When one receives a gift there is that sense of fulfillment for a need or a want may have been met. There is always that gratefulness for such godsend and there's that gladness in accepting the gift as a blessing and a grace, no further question asked. This is the real essence of receiving gift. How one gives and receives the gift matters, for in one way or another, we ourselves as a gift can be a giver and a receiver too. It is a part of a whole package of being a gift.

As we celebrate this season of giving, may we always remember that the gift of self matters most. Our mere presence is something people can treasure. Be one with me in my vow to be a gift not only to the ones I love but to all I meet; for a simple smile to a true human service can make us a graceful gift. I hope that
we all get to be a gift not only for the holidays but everyday of our lives.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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